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Basic Class Supplies Required

  • Classes require a sewing machine in good working order with foot control and electrical cord unless otherwise specified.
  • Accessory box containing all sewing feet that came with the machine (no embroidery accessories unless Embroidery Class)
  • Embroidery unit if class involves embroidery
  • Scissors for trimming fabric and scissors for cutting paper for garment classes
  • A 6x24 inch ruler
  • Straight pins
  • Basic supplies includes all "your" favorite tools PLUS Supplies listed on the supply list specified for the class by the instructor.
  • A Highlighter is helpful if using notes
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Empty bobbin

Class Registration & Policies

 Class Registration & Fees

  • Fee is required to hold your place in class. 
  •  If Sharman's Sewing Center cancels a class for any reason you will receive a refund of the class fee.  If you are a "no-show" then the class fee is forfeited.  
  • A supply list for class should be received at the time of registration or picked up at least 2 weeks prior to class.  Please don't wait to purchase supplies the day of class. Some classes require supplies that must be special ordered for the class; and we don't want to not have enough for each student.  

 Cancellations  *Please read policy*

  • Cancellations must be made at least 7 days prior to class. You will be issued a store credit provided your cancellation does not reduce class participation below the 4 student minimum .  
  • Cancellation after the 7 day time allowance or a "No-Show" will result in the forfeiture of your class fees.
  • A minimum of 4 students are required for classes to be taught. If this requirement is not met, usually the class will be cancelled and you will be refunded your class fee.  
  • Sharman's Sewing Center and our guest teachers reserve the right to cancel 48 hours prior to any class if participation level is below minimum.  If this happens, you will be refunded your class fee.

Cell Phones & Class Etiquette 
 We appreciate that most people carry cell phones, however, during class we ask that all participants either turn off cell phones or place the phone on vibrate or silentIf you must take a call; please exit the classroom to accept/or complete the call. 

 Because several of our staff and students suffer with allergies, please do not wear strong perfumes to class. 
We strive to maintain a comfortable classroom environment for all.

  We strive to maintain a good teacher/student ratio in every class; Please DO NOT bring children or Guests to paid classes.


 Special Notes about Copyrights

  • Each class attendee must have a legal copy of the class pattern or book being used to participate.
  • No photocopies allowed in class and no sharing of patterns, books or embroidery design cds.  Doing so is a violation  of copyright law.  Please do not have cameras or video equipment open in the classroom without prior permission.
  • Because most products in our store are from copyrighted material,  please do not attempt to take pictures of these items.  
  • No classes and Sewing Clubs are open to taping by video camera by anyone except Sharman's Sewing Center staff members. 
  • Pictures can be taken of a class project IF a teacher gives permission and providing the instructional material belongs to her OR If the sample is a pattern sold in the store and you have purchased the pattern.
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